DevOps System Automation Tool for
Infrastructure Configuration and Management


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SkyHopper is open source It is a DevOps adoption for system automated build tools.
A total production support tool for system construction to the AWS cloud computing environment.


Dowload or clone it from GitHub for free.

SkyHopper is an OpenSource Software (OSS) that enables the continuous integration of the system in accordance with the idea of open-source DevOps (delivery time and quality improvement).
Has been able to totally support the operation and system construction which has a system configuration that combines with the following DevOps tool.

  • Service Dashboard

    There is no need for the control panel of AWS to carry out day-to-day tasks. Monitoring and backup was added in one place to test the infrastructure that are necessary for the operations, Such as vulnerability checking and response, which is manage by the service unit.

  • Encoding support for system configuration and application framework

    Encoding is required in order to shorten the system construction man-hours. You can also create an environment that can washed out the prior problems by creating a flow by applying the tested code to production.

  • Easy set up and registration of monitoring tools

    Monitoring registration is mandatory in order to continue maintaining the service. However, the people will have difficulties if they aren't familiar with all of the monitoring systems in doing some operation. Therefore, we implemented an interface that can easily adjust to the user needs.

  • System Health Check Features

    This is harder than I thought to check whether or not the service environment is ready to request specifications. It is also becomes difficult when chasing after changes. That's why it is easy to test when there is a Integrated framework solution. We implemented the interface that can easily adjust during registration and change.

  • Multi-tenant

    It is possible to register multiple users that can use multiple AWS accounts, SSH keys, and to take on multiple projects at the same time.

  • Operation Recording

    Always checks the login history, infrastructure and middleware operation, including the success or failure of the test which is stored in DB. Keeps the relief operations remain in the record.

F A QFrequently Asked Questions
  • Licensing and Subscription Please tell us about the license of SkyHopper SkyHopper is under MIT license.
    The software is provided “AS IS” for a particular purpose and noninfringement.
    Please read the license as there is no guarantee of work in product itself has been published widely.
  • Would you mind if I use SkyHopper, construction and operation in commercial service? Not a problem. It is free because it is published under MIT license as described above and modification for commercial use are available.
  • How much is the license fee? SkyHopper does not charge licensing fees.
    However, when building and using AWS instances and services you will be charged by AWS.
    (Please pay to Amazon Web Services)
  • About Trademarks Although source code is open source, as well as building products of SkyHopper is under MIT license. But with regards to the name SkyHopper, Skyarch Networks Inc. Owns the trademark registration.
    Please note about the availability.
    (It will be mainly become our property for the purpose of facilitating our open source activities)
  • About the logo Please be reminded that SkyHopper Logo and design is not a free material becuase it is under the work of Skyarch Networks INC.
  • Operations concerns Does vendor locking occurs when building in SkyHopper System? No, It does not rely in that kind of specification because it utilizes an open specification for CloudFormation, Chef, Zabbix and ServerSpec.
    Only if you are no longer operating in SkyHopper System, it will no longer be registered in the system.
    (If necessary, please clear each secret and SSH keys)
  • Introduction Please tell me about the development environment. SkyHopper itself is written in RubyOnRails application and operating in Ruby2.2 and MySQL.
    If you want to deploy/build SkyHopper on AWS, it is neccessary to use EC2 t2.small or higher instance size.
    In addition, we recommend to free up some space in EC2 and EIP so that it could allocate more capacity.
  • How many instances is required to use SkyHopper? SkyHopper/ChefServer/Zabbix 3 instances will be needed.
    SkyHopper will work even without the AWS but, ChefServer and Zabbix server requires AWS to build the necessary instances during installation.
  • In case installation fails Visit our contact us page Futhermore, Please select "inquiries about the service" item, then please consult and describe the symptoms occured.
  • What is the corresponding OS of SkyHopper? SkyHopper is primarily using the latest version of Amazon Linux as operating system environment.
    In addition, this application also works in other Linux-based OS.
  • Please tell me about the system that can be constructed by SkyHopper SkyHopper can builds and supports the creation of OS necessary for the infrastructure including Chef and Zabbix using CloudFormation.
  • How about WindowsServer. Please specify the Windows AMI ID of the instance that you want to build in CloudFormation.
    You can also run Chef client. But currently this feature is under beta version.
    (Please wait until we can fully-fledged the support in this feature in the next version.)
  • What is the proccess when upgrading SkyHopper? Currently, you can only use the installer available from GitHub. Because updater is not yet available.
    You can update the source code using git commands specified in the documentation to overwrite the old code.
    Moreover, since the structure of the database may change, please update it using the rails commands.
    For more information, see the documentation below for the update process.
  • Development concerns I want to participate and contribute in the development of SkyHopper Thank you very much. We would appreciate a Pull Request to be reviewed and merged into the code.
    If you enjoy and want to participate in the full-scale development, please contact us
    So that we can consider then sign you up as a development member.
  • Business concerns I want to support the construction and operation of SkyHopper so that I can use it as I want to. We will introduce you to Skyarch Networks for the support plans. Please contact our sales representative
    With regards to the specific cost we will discuss it as soon we hear from you.
    By Taking a consultation regarding this point for help, such as conveying no effort because you don't want to write template CloudFormation and Chef recipes or perform maintenance.
  • Anyway I want to hear more story regarding this matters. Please feel free to Contact our sales representative.
  • Want to see a demo. Please feel free to Contact our sales representative. Demonstrations are conducted from time to time.
  • Others Concerns Is it okay if I can put comments/suggestions about the product? Comments and suggestions would be very helpful regardless of what it intends to do.
    Please feel free to Contact our sales representative. Futhermore, Please select "inquiries about the service" item. with the category of attention with refinement and improvement activities